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Field Flowers Fringe a Pond A Cloud In The Pond Emerging Fog Ascending Reflected Edges Serene Passage Grand Solo Spruce A Frieze Of Trees Firewater - Sunrise Near Winter Harbor Marsh Patterns Surround A Parade Of Spruce Somes Sound At Sundown Suspended Shore Lime Lit Shore Wildflowers and Marshland Coastal Color Sea Change Shoreline Solitude Horizon Of Spruce With Sandbar Sunrise, Dark Harbor Golden Horizon Hudson Shore Contrasts Russet Field Salt Marsh Perspective Summer Blooms and Reflections Spruce with Pastel Shore Garden Path Near Avignon October Overlook Olana Pond and Willows After The Rain Cape Ann Nocturne Golden Island
Field Flowers Fringe a Pond, 2015, Oil on linen, 24 x 24 inches

Field Flowers Fringe a Pond
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